Three Irrefutable Truths

In Teachings by rallo

Recently, we were having lunch with a pastor friend of ours and his wife, and I mentioned the fact that some people do not believe that God is good all the time. The pastor then said something I have never been able to forget:

He said there are three irrefutable truths that a new believer must have as his or her foundational doctrine, or they will have a hard time understanding whatever else is built on top of as they mature in Christ. These three things are:

1. God said it. It’s true!

It doesn’t really matter whether we believe it or not. If God said it, it is true whether we ever choose to believe it or not. That’s one of the main reasons why it is so important to get into the Word of God (the Bible) and find out exactly what it is that God has said. Sadly, many believers do not have a clue what is written in His Word. I have yet to meet a strong believer who was not also strong in the Word of God. The Bible is not there just to fill us with knowledge; it was written to strengthen us and transform us into the image of Christ. It is our “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

2. God is not our co-pilot.

God is our pilot. We are not even the co-pilot because at no time does He want us to take over and lead. He wants us to always inquire of Him; to always rely on Him. In fact the word “believe” in Romans 10:9 means to “adhere to, trust in, and rely on.” To believe is not just giving mental ascent to something. If we just give mental ascent to something that God speaks, we are not allowing that word to change us and we are basically no different than the one who has never heard the word of truth. On the other hand, if we allow God to lead us, and speak to our hearts in every situation, we will not be led astray. He wants to help us with every choice, every decision, but He is a gentleman. He will not barge in where He is not invited. He will not lead if we do not let Him!

3. God is good.

God is good all the time, not just part of the time. God is good in every situation, not just some situations. There is no darkness in Him. 1 John 1:6 declares, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.” He is pure; He is just; He is good; He is love; He is truth. Some have maligned and misrepresented Him, but that doesn’t change who He is. He reveals Himself in His Word.

Evil was not created by God. Evil comes in where God isn’t; evil comes in where God is not allowed; evil comes in through created beings who have rebelled against God and His ways. Evil consequences in our own lives often come through choices that go against God and His Word. If we are a believer, the enemy can only operate through our sin and disobedience, or the sin or disobedience of others.

Lucifer was created perfect (in all his ways) until pride entered his heart, and self-will, rebellion, and violence entered the scene. Then (as Jesus said in Luke) He fell like lightning from heaven. He became known as satan, referred to in the Bible as “the god of this world,” because ever since that time, he has been busy trying to exert his evil influence over each of us. From the garden of Eden ever since, he has been using many of the same tactics. It is his relentless intent to bring evil, harm, and destruction into the lives of people, especially the people of God.

But one of the things I love the most about God is that He is able to take even what the enemy means for our harm and turn it around for our good! God is that good and that able!

These three irrefutable truths about God are a solid foundation upon which we can build. They must be written on our hearts in order to keep us from getting derailed. They will help to keep us steadfast and to stay on course as we navigate through this life.