Vito and Pat Rallo

40 years of Ministry

After 40 years, we are very grateful that God has granted us His wisdom and the experience we have gained over many years. As we look back over the past few decades, we rejoice in the fact that we have been privileged to witness countless souls saved, disciples made, marriages restored, and many brought back to the Lord through re-commitment, emotional healing, deliverance, and sanctification – all by the grace and leading of the Lord! We give all glory to Him!
As we embark on however many years we have left on this Earth, and as we go into the Final Season of the dispensation of Grace, we are passionate about redeeming the time we have left before Jesus returns to gather His church in the air. We don’t have an escapist mentality, but rather one of “finishing strong.” We want to redeem the time because the days in which we live are truly evil.
At this point in time, we are diligently committed to helping prepare the body of Christ to be a bride without spot or wrinkle―ready for Jesus’ SOON return. We want to see an army of believers raised up who are willing to lay down their lives for the only thing that truly counts―declaring the salvation of the Lord and advancing truth and righteousness here on this planet.
After going through a wilderness season of our own, we NOW have a fresh fire in our bones! Will you join us? Will you pray for us? Will you support us? We pray you will find your place in the army of God and take your position quickly. Time is short – it’s “all hands on deck!”

February 15, 2023

We feel grateful to be connected to the ministry of Vito and Pat Rallo. We believe they are truly a tool in the hand of God. We saw God use them here in Africa to deliver people from the oppression of the devil and equip hundreds of pastors in their Freedom Seminar. We are most thankful for Vito’s book, Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds, which is an all-time best seller in Africa, especially Ghana.

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