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Welcome to Free Indeed Ministries

Free Indeed Ministries  was founded in 1983 and has seen thousands of souls saved, many set free from bondage, the broken hearted healed, and marriages and families restored for the glory of God! Much of this work has been accomplished through their Walking in Freedom Seminar, which they have taught around the world.

Their purpose is to bring forth clear, concise teaching and to help make disciples with the desire that all believers be equipped and released to walk in their God-given destiny. Their heartfelt desire is to help the body of Christ be prepared for His return. To accomplish this, they have made available many free teachings as well as other resources that can be ordered here on their site. Their two most recent books are below.

Vito and Pat Rallo are both conference speakers, authors, and ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ and make themselves available for your next event. To book either or both for an upcoming event please email or call 813-451-6289. Include your phone number and the event at which you would like them to speak.

Exposing the Dangers of Martial Arts

Do you know the origins of the martial arts? Are you aware of the connection between yoga and martial arts and the spiritual roots of both? Does it concern you that these two activities are even creeping into the church? Vito writes from his own experience as a former master instructor and 5-time national champion, as he exposes the metaphysical mysteries and dangers beneath the surface.  In this book, which is thoroughly documented and well-researched, you’ll discover that a bruise, a sprain, or a loosed tooth should not be your biggest concern. What you don’t know, and can’t see, CAN indeed hurt you! Dare to hear the uncompromised truth from someone who’s “been there and done that!”  At the end are suggested prayers for those who want to be free from the spiritual baggage from previous involvement in both yoga and martial arts.

Price: $12.00


Can a person know for sure he or she is heaven bound? Does saying a sinner’s prayer guarantee salvation? What does it truly mean to be “born again” from above? Would you like to be able to share your faith more effectively? Come alongside Vito and Pat Rallo as they diligently and deliberately expound on the truth in God’s Word, answering these questions, and many more. This is a profound, comprehensive book that is recommended for both the new convert, as well as the seasoned, mature believer. An exciting “must-read” for every believer who wants to know the truth!

Price: $10.00