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 exposing_the_dangers Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga by Dr. Vito Rallo

Do you know the origins of the martial arts? Are you aware of the connection between yoga and martial arts and the spiritual roots of both? Does it concern you that these two activities are even creeping into the church? Vito writes from his own experience as a former master instructor and 5-time national champion, as he exposes the metaphysical mysteries and dangers beneath the surface. In this book, which is thoroughly documented and well-researched, you’ll discover that a bruise, a sprain, or a loosed tooth should not be your biggest concern. What you don’t know, and can’t see, CAN indeed hurt you! Dare to hear the uncompromised truth from someone who’s “been there and done that!” At the end are suggested prayers for those who want to be free from the spiritual baggage from previous involvement in both yoga and martial arts.

Price: $12.00

 Generational_Curses_Pulling_Down_strongholds Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds by Vito Rallo

This book was written to inform the reader of the dangerous snares, traps, and pitfalls that believers can fall into if they are unaware of the devil’s tactics. It will walk you through the necessary steps to pull down any sin patterns (strongholds) you may have in your own life or generational iniquities you may have inherited from parents or grandparents (passed down as spiritual baggage). An international best seller, this book has helped to bring freedom and healing to many around the world for over a decade. If your life as a Christian is more defeat than victory, and you want to reverse this trend in your life, this book is definitely for you!

Price: $10.00
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 HeavenBound Heaven Bound by Vito and Pat Rallo

Can a person know for sure he or she is heaven bound? Does saying a sinner’s prayer guarantee salvation? What does it truly mean to be “born again” from above? Would you like to be able to share your faith more effectively? Come alongside Vito and Pat Rallo as they diligently and deliberately expound on the truth in God’s Word, answering these questions, and many more. This is a profound, comprehensive book that is recommended for both the new convert, as well as the seasoned, mature believer. An exciting “must-read” for everyone who wants to know the truth! (Discounted through 6/30/14 – $13.99 Reg. 15.99)

Price: $10.00

thisisnotadressREV2 This Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal! by Patricia Rallo

Author, Patricia Rallo, declares that the urgency of the hour has never been more real…that we are in the end times and The Final Act has already begun. But do you know where you fit in the last days’ drama? Whether you are in church, out of church, or have never been to church, this riveting book is guaranteed to answer questions you may have had for a very long time! It will help you determine if you are on the right path, or if there are course corrections you may want to make before it is too late. What others are saying: “I see this book as a message from the Father’s heart which will be used to awaken the sleeping bride. It will be life-changing for those who read it, and many will turn just in time.” – Joy Parkman, Psalmist & Songwriter, Springville, AL // “You will be provoked to press even deeper into your purpose and destiny and not waste any more time with the nonessentials of this life.” – Pastor Phil Stern, Access Church, Tulsa, OK // This inspiring book will enlighten you, refresh you, and motivate you to walk in your God-given destiny here – and be ready for your final destination after you leave this earth! Watch for revised trailer coming soon!

Price: $14.00

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Where_is_the_United_States_in_Bible_Prophecy Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy? by Michael D Hodge

The question, “Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?” is one that has been asked by teachers and students of the Bible for many years. Some say one thing and some another. Many say that the most prosperous and powerful nation in the history of the world, and the only nation founded upon Christian principles, is nowhere to be found in the Bible. The author respectfully disagrees with that conclusion. The problem is that most Bible students have used an invalid starting point for their search. They begin with the United States, searching for scriptures that might apply to her. The result is either no success, or scriptures that they think might refer to America. “Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?” takes a different approach to this timeless question, arriving at a most amazing and eye-opening conclusion, finding the United States where you might least expect to find her.

Price: $13.99


Masonry Unmasking Freemasonry by Selwyn Stevens

Written primarily for the wives & families of Masons to explain the curses brought on themselves and their families through the oaths; then learn how to deal with the effects. History & structure are explained simply. A past Master who read this book immediately resigned from his Lodge. The prayer guidelines from this book are being used by many ministries worldwide.

Price: $14.00


mormon Unmasking Mormonism by Selwyn Stevens

Learn about LDS founder Joseph Smith on whose credentials this cult fails Bible tests, the Book of Mormon hoax, Mormon polytheism, true & false priesthood & authority. This book has caused several Mormons to cancel their baptisms & leave to seek the genuine Jesus Christ.

Price: $13.00


JehovahWitness Unmasking the Watchtower by Selwyn Stevens

This asks the questions many J.W.’s are being expelled for daring to ask! Check out the changeable prophecies and man-made doctrines of the Watchtower, the authoritarian leaders & their use of Mind-Control & manipulation of members, how to know the One True God, and how you can witness to and pray for a J.W. effectively.

Price: $13.00


The-Father's-Blessing The Father’s Blessing by Frank D. Hammond

Most people have never received a father’s blessing from their earthly fathers. Many have been rejected by their fathers instead. You will find this booklet a helpful motivation and guide for imparting a God-ordained blessing to your family. We have seen broken hearts mended, broken relationships restored, demonic strongholds torn down, and Heaven’s window of divine favor opened in people’s lives as a result of the powerful prayer contained in this booklet.

Price: $3.00



What’s Behind the Ink? by William Sudduth

Bill Sudduth has done us all a great service in this well-researched, well-documented book! It does a great job exposing the pagan and demonic activities behind tattooing and body piercing. Lack of knowledge need not be an excuse any longer when we are questioned about these issues. This book is a must read, especially for deliverance ministers and youth workers.

Price: $10.00


 thejezebelspirit The Jezebel Spirit by Frances Frangipane

The Jezebel spirit often comes against the prophetic, masquerading with witchcraft. It also manifests immorality, rebellion and control. Learn to recognize (discern) this spirit and war against it using the strategies of spiritual warfare laid out in this booklet.

Price: $4.95


livingonthethirdriver Living on the Third River – A Parable of God’s Financial Provision by Craig Hill

This unique “quick-read” book will quite likely create a major paradigm shift in your thinking about money, convict you about your current financial outlook, and free you to live in God’s abundant provision. It begins as a story (parable) of 3 men living along three rivers and then goes into a Biblical teaching on the spirit of mammon, sparrow faith, and receiving more of God’s unlimited resources to channel into His Kingdom. You’ll want to order several extra copies to give to friends to encourage them to move to the third river!

Price: $6.00