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The Lord is Our Defense

Psalm 5:11 makes it clear: “But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them.”


Are we as a church body allowing the Lord to defend us? He truly is our defense and He has not told us to put our trust in ourselves and in our own physical ability. It is very clear that Jesus never physically defended Himself. It is recorded in Luke 4:28-30 that Jesus walked through a very angry mob that was ready to throw Him off a cliff. Yet, He was able to “pass through them” without being harmed.


Perhaps His Father made Him invisible just long enough for Him to escape. Or, perhaps He had a host of angels surrounding Him, which caused the people to back away as He walked through their midst. We are not really sure how, but we know that Jesus trusted so completely in His Father that He never demonstrated any inclination to defend Himself.


Even in John 19:10-11 when He was arrested and was taken before Pilate, just before His crucifixion, Pilate said to Him, “Do You not know that I have power to crucify You, and the power to release You?” Jesus answered him, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above.”


There was one particular time that I was in a very dangerous situation where great harm could have physically befallen me. At that moment, I had to make a choice. I could either resort back to my physical abilities (my previous training in karate), or trust completely in the Lord. In a split second, I chose the latter—I chose to depend on the Lord! I was amazed as an invisible wall of protection completely surrounded me, and the violent aggressors not only could not touch me, but became silent and as docile as lambs! I walked away as though nothing had happened.


In the last fifteen to twenty years many people, including Christians, have turned to martial arts “self-defense classes” for the sole purpose of learning how to physically defend themselves. Not only have they enrolled themselves, but many have also enrolled their children in these classes.


What we must know is that the Lord has given all true believers supernaturally powerful weapons of warfare—if we are willing to learn what those weapons are, and how to use them. Our powerful weapons of warfare include the Word of God and the blood of Jesus. In addition, we have another powerful weapon—the power of “binding and loosing,” according to Matthew 16:19. Jesus referred to this as the “keys to the kingdom.” It is when we “bind” the power of evil, and “loose” the things of God that we begin to experience a whole new level of being an overcomer in this life.


If we had not needed that power, Jesus would not have given it to us. However, it is up to us to use this delegated power and authority. When we bind or loose, or pray anything “in Jesus’ name,” we are operating in the most powerful name in the universe—the name above all other names! We can be assured that the hosts of heaven are backing us up.


To our benefit, we also have the angels of God, which have been assigned to us to protect and keep us safe. God has set safe boundaries for us to stay within, where we are not purposely giving the enemy of our soul access to our lives. It is important that we stay in a place of obedience in order to stay under the umbrella of safety and protection.


So, why would any true believer need to learn self-defense? Many say it’s because in the Old Testament, the people of God went out to fight battles. We know that King David, for example, was a warrior and fought many battles.


However, as born again believers under the New Covenant, our battle is not against “flesh and blood,” but against spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places. We must fight with our powerful spiritual weapons (which are much more powerful than physical weapons) rather than arm ourselves with physical weapons, or feel that we need to learn “self-defense.” When Peter drew his sword to protect Jesus from those who came to arrest Him (in Matthew 26:52), Jesus said, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”


Over the years, we have heard testimonies of people who have simply thought the name of Jesus (because they were either paralyzed with fear, or the enemy had a grip on their tongue and they could not speak) and without even speaking the name of Jesus, they experienced the power of deliverance from an evil force that was about to overtake them. That’s the kind of power we have at our disposal!