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Pastoral Referrals

Apostle/Pastor Phil & Linda Stern
Access Church
Tulsa, OK

“Vito & Pat work together as a team and have servant’s hearts. They are relevant to what is happening in our society and able to relate to multiple generations.”

Jim & Alberta Landry
Apostle/Pastor Jim & Alberta Landry
Chairman – International Spiritual Warfare Team
Beaumont, TX

“The Rallo’s inspire vision and spiritual journey into God’s purpose. Israel circled the wilderness forty years seeing only one season because they didn’t handle transition in God. Together, Vito & Pat will inspire the believer to handle their transitions that will impact their next season in God.”

Pastors Joey & Penny Hipp
Cross River Church
Mobile, AL

“Vito & Pat Rallo are an anointed couple who are filled with the wisdom and power of God. They are compassionate, caring and considerate. They are very sensitive to the needs of people as they yield to the Holy Spirit. Countless lives have been impacted and changed through their ministry.

Dr. Russell & Rev. Leona Benoit
The Lord’s Outreach Int’l Ministries, Inc.
Lake Charles, LA

“I am happy to formally endorse and recommend Dr. Vito and his wife Rev. Pat Rallo of Free Indeed Ministries. They are based out of Riverview, Florida and their ministry reaches people worldwide. They have written several books that can be purchased, which we deem to be very anointed and a source of self-help for most Christians.

I first met the Rallo’s at The Southeast Texas Spiritual Warfare Conference in Beaumont, Texas in March 2009. I was not only impressed with their ministry, but with them personally. They are both warm, intelligent, and loving people that have a genuine concern for all of God’s people. They are anointed in the area of healing and deliverance. We have had the occasion of being blessed by their ministry by listening to them minister at Spiritual Warfare Conferences and we also had the opportunity of having them come to minister at our church in Lake Charles, Louisiana. They were truly exceptional and our people were very much blessed. Over the years, we have come to know them personally and have enjoyed their fellowship. It is truly an honor and a pleasure to recommend Dr. Vito & Rev. Pat Rallo to you at this time. They can do nothing but bless your ministry.”

Apostle/Pastor Terry and Mary Jefferson
Word of Revelation Ministries, Inc.
Columbus, GA

“We would like to refer Evangelist Vito and Pat Rallo for their Freedom Seminar. They conducted a 2-day teaching seminar at Word of Revelation Ministries, Inc. to help prepare the body of Christ for the end times and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Vito’s strong prophetic gifting, the Lord touched and changed a lot of lives. Vito and Pat were very professional and operated in the love of Christ. They are committed to teaching the uncompromising word of God, and they exemplify the likeness and image of Jesus Christ through the teaching of His Word. It was an honor to have them in our church.”

Pastors Orlando & Deserie Rodriguez
Pastors Orlando & Deserie Rodriguez
Empowering Ministries Church
Tampa, FL

“Free Indeed Ministries is an awesome ministry. Dr. Vito Rallo, author and prophetic evangelist, and his wife, Pat, (also an author) have a heart to see all believers walking in victory, freedom, healing, and wholeness in every area of their lives. We have had the pleasure of knowing them personally; they are wonderful people. Free Indeed Ministries conducted a “Freedom Seminar” at our Church, which was life changing to all who attended. We recommend this ministry to all walks of life.”

Pastor Thomas & Abigail Smith-Kudjoe
Bishop Thomas & Abigail Smith-Kudjoe
All Souls Miracle Church
Tema, Ghana (W. Africa)

“We feel grateful to be connected to the ministry of Vito and Pat Rallo. We believe they are truly a tool in the hand of God. We literally saw God use them here in Africa to deliver people from the oppression of the devil and equip hundreds of pastors in their Freedom Seminar. We are most thankful for Vito’s book, Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds, which is an all-time best seller in Africa, especially Ghana.”