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What Others are Saying About Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga:


“Vito warns us in this book that one cannot divorce yoga and martial arts from their evil origins in eastern occult practices…I urge you to allow Vito’s book to open your eyes and then do everything you can to spread his wake-up message wherever you can.”


John Loren Sandford – Founder, Elijah House Ministries, Inc.


“This remarkable book exposes the deceptions behind the façade. It should be required reading for every pastor. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”


Peter Horrobin – Founder & International Dir. of Ellel Ministries


“Dr. Vito Rallo has done the body of Christ an enormous favor by writing this book. The influence of martial arts and yoga upon the church has become noticeable and dangerous—opening doors that will quickly sap the life out of God’s people. His book is timely and is backed up by someone who knows what he is talking about. Leaders need to know the real truth about these matters and this book delivers.”


Chris Hayward – President, Cleansing Stream Ministries



Testimonials from those who have read Exposing the Dangers Behind Martials Arts & Yoga:


“I took my daughter (a third grader) out of a Seventh-day Adventist private school because they had introduced a class in kung fu. My husband and I did not feel right about it. We have gone through all the proper channels to voice our complaint (according to Matthew 18). The class was denied continuance when leadership of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists’ Education Department discovered that the school’s board allowed martial arts to be taught during two school years without appropriate approval. My family praises our God–Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, for His leading, provisions and the godly outcome of this disagreement. Thank you so much, Vito, for your insight, supportive friendship, and for writing this book which has been extremely helpful to us. Your book enabled us to understand why we felt so uneasy about the class. I have recommended it to many.” – J.P. CA (U.S.)


“Thank you for taking the time and energy to write Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga. Through a series of powerful happenings our family completely withdrew ourselves from the martial arts world that we were a part of for 4-1/2 years. Our testimony has stopped a number of families from joining and/or removing their kids from this training.” – C.G. (U.S.)


“Little did I know that God was giving me a warning signal from the word go. The exact phenomenon you spoke—that uneasiness you described in your book about joining martial arts was the same thing I felt. My involvement opened the door for a spirit of infirmity. I have profusely repented and asked God to forgive me, cleanse me, and heal and restore me to Him. My strength, health, and vigor has returned and now I am healed. The root of my problem was self-inflicted due to ignorance.” – E.B. from S. Africa (actor/stunt man)


“I have read your book and renounced the martial arts and will never return to it. I had started having physical pains, problems with my heart, and other infirmities that could not be explained by any doctors…my marriage had started to fall apart—all were a result of my involvement in martial arts. At one point, I lay dying in the hospital. When God got my full attention, I told Him if He would let me live to be with my wife and kids and teach them the ways of Jesus Christ, that He could use me any way He wanted…and He is.” – J.R. from OK (US)


“Thank you so much for your ministry. You see, my husband has been involved in martial arts for several years and just recently left me. [M.A.] had become almost a religion to him and he became a totally different person and began practicing all this New Age stuff…Again, thank you for your ministry and for this wonderful resource.” – C.B. (US)



What Others are Saying About Breaking Generational Curses & Pulling Down Strongholds:


“This book is a masterpiece and a must-read for all believers in this age” – Bishop Thomas Smith-Kudjoe – Ghana, W. Africa


“Your book has been traveling from hand to hand, families, friends, and ministers because there is a great revelation in it and whoever sees it wants to read it.” – Pastor Dennis Shepard – Panama


“This book is like a sword that cuts the roots of all sins and generational iniquities. It is God’s timing for us to read it and your life will be changed from the inside out. You will become a victor, not a victim – a winner, not a loser!” – Senior Pastor, Ted Malangen – Bulacan, Philippines


Timely in-depth study…So relevant for today…This remarkable book can hardly be more timely and appropriate for a generation such as ours.

The book analyzes how many people, including Christians, appear to be living under immense, often indescribable pressure with no apparent victory or way out of a deep oppression that appears to be hounding their lives at virtually every opportunity.

From a Scriptural perspective the author performs an in-depth investigation into the very roots of these problems.

Many of these problems which often manifest themselves in acute depression, mental illness, spiritual heaviness, hatred, anger, fear, jealousy, low self-esteem, gluttony, rejection, intimidation, dread, cruelty, bitterness and even sexual perversions are found to be frequently related to what are described as generational curses—curses which can be passed down from generation to generation, frequently without the injured person even being aware of their presence, yet only too aware of the crippling effects upon their personal lives.

Many such curses are shown to originate from an ancestor being involved in witchcraft or indeed any occultic practice (all of which are itemized in the book). Other curses are shown to originate from relatives being involved in child abuse, homosexuality, incest, rape, prostitution and other similar practices. The book shows that even some forms of illness such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes etc., often have similar roots. The list presented in this book of the sources behind these curses and their effects is quite comprehensive.

To those sceptics reading this I can only say, please read this book in its entirety to understand the full and correct context of what the author is trying to say before dismissing everything out of hand. This book should not be dismissed without taking the subject very seriously. The real root personal cause of all these afflictions is shown to be the devil himself. To be ignorant of his devices is only inviting trouble. This book reveals his devices, methods and agenda for what they really are, showing that the devil only comes to steal and destroy—to steal our peace and destroy our lives.

While approaching these subjects in some depth, the writer also takes great pains to reveal how ALL of these curses, illnesses, addictions and oppressions can successfully be dealt with using sound, scriptural principles to show the way out.

Having myself been delivered from the occult many years ago, and also having the shocking revelation that one of my own ancestors was involved in the occult in an even deeper manner, I found this book to be of immense practical assistance. I also found every word to be true and that indeed there is victory in Jesus Christ, just as the book declares. Highly recommended.” – M. D. Roberts – Gwent, UK


“I have several books on deliverance ministry and generational curses, but this book is unique. It is very easy reading. You can read this book, and while reading, Evangelist Rallo walks you through prayers that really work. If you want to be free indeed, then get this for yourself, and your family. It will definitely bless you!” – C. Reid – VA (US)


“Vito Rallo is a gifted speaker and his book reads just like he speaks, which makes the book engaging, understandable, and usable. He covers topics often avoided by other authors and speaks on them with the authority of someone who has a lot of experience and the Lord’s anointing.

I can tell you firsthand that this book and Vito’s ministry – Free Indeed Ministries – are completely life-changing. I’ve seen it not only in my own life, but in my husband’s and friends’ as well. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who struggles with areas they can’t quite get freedom from, or anyone who has a lot of trials and troubles in their past or—well, basically anyone!

It’s an easy read with a strong biblical foundation, a must for any Christian’s library.” – (Review from Amazon – from St. Louis)


“This book is definitely a must have!!! This is by far the best book I have ever read on not only breaking but destroying generational curses and strongholds. This book is an awesome resource on spiritual warfare. I shared this book with my pastor several years ago and after reading it, he purchased several copies for our church and he began a teaching series using this book as one of his main resources.

So many people were positively affected by this book and now have a knowledge of spritual warfare that they will carry with them from now on. What makes this book so awesome is that it is so clear and easy to read that you can allow a non-believer to read this book and they will totally understand why the world is the way it is, and why they themselves are experiencing certain struggles. This book explains how WE ALL regardless of what we believe are in the same battle, and it explains how to overcome that battle. Everyone who I’ve shared this book with has become enlightened and has expressed how much this book has helped them.” – (Review on Amazon)


“No nonsense book. Vito tells it like it is and gets to the point minus the fluff. Well written & easy to understand.” – P. Newell – Sarasota, FL


“Very easy to understand. This book broke down generation curses & strongholds in a way that even a babe in Christ could understand.” – W. Orange, NJ



What Others are Saying About This Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal!:


“This riveting book is very timely and provoking…Patricia challenges you to do something about issues in your life so that you can walk out the final chapter FREE AND FREE INDEED! – Pastor Phil Stern (OK)


“It’s a beautiful book…extremely valuable and easy to understand.” – Susan R. (NY)


“It’s awesome…there’s ‘meat’ on every page. You can’t read it like a novel!” – Rev. Sam K. (FL)


“Your book was like a love letter from God’s heart to my heart.” – Betty S. (MO)


“Patricia has simplified the complex issues necessary for us to reach spiritual maturity. This book should be required reading for every serious believer.” – Eddie Smith, Eddie & Alice Smith Ministries, Houston, TX


“This book is so good, I downloaded the audio as well so I can listen to it in my car…it is a MUST-READ!” – Vanessa C. (MO)


“It is a message from the Father’s heart and will be used to wake up the sleeping bride…many lives will be changed and turn just in time.” – Joy P. (AL)


“I really feel this is what God is saying to the body of Christ…people need to get dressed for the wedding, for it is coming soon!” – Dottie H. (FL)


“This book is just what I need…I feel you wrote it to me PERSONALLY!” – Cathy S. (CT)


“I loved every word! The Holy Spirit has given you great truths to put on paper for the church to see.” – Kim M. (MO)



What Others are Saying About Heaven Bound:


“I want to thank you both immensely. I just finished the book! I believe it was God-inspired. It confirmed so many things that God has been saying to us (the Church). I have seen what a life of sanctification, obedience, and maturity looks like and I want it! Thank you for writing what needed to be said and saying what I didn’t know how to say!” – C.W. – FL


“Vito and Pat have done it again! This is such an important book for the times we are living in. Very thought-provoking. Highly recommend.” – K.B. – FL


“With so many people struggling to discern truth, this book is a must read! Vito and Pat Rallo do an outstanding job showing how you can be sure you’re “born again” by detailing Scriptures. This book brings clarity to the many questions that people struggle to understand. Great job!” – M.M. – FL



What Others are Saying About the “Freedom Seminar”:


“I was blessed by the lightness in which a heavy message was given. I believe I truly got free!” – D.P. – Riverview, FL


“I truly appreciate the ‘non-spooky’ way you present your material. This is my second seminar. The first one began a journey of deliverance and healing that has been transforming in more ways than I could even begin to list.” – B.M. Florissant, MO


“I loved the seminar. God has given you both a grace to minister on serious topics like a father and a mother to us who attend. I left feeling equipped and encouraged that I can do it and I will make it…A wake up call to a disciplined life and holiness.” – A.R. St. Louis, MO


“This was wonderful. The body of Christ needs to hear this teaching. God is confirming so much to me through these seminars. It is great to hear the heart of God revealed. I believe that I was healed from allergies, arthritis, and asthma.” – S.W. Brandon, FL


“I was blessed with the teaching and all the revelation…thank you with all our hearts!” – J.B. Pearland, TX


“I have enjoyed, been refreshed and exhorted to step out in faith and to trust God with the results. It has reinforced what has been in my heart and I have been slow in doing. I am encouraged to ‘just do’ what I know I’ve been called to do, knowing I’m not doing it in my strength, but in His.” – S.P. Florissant, MO


“Very meaty. Eye opening…” – Dr. V.R. – Ft. Myers, FL


“This was by far the best seminar ever…the presence of the Lord was so sweet and so powerful! The word of prophecy was such a confirmation. Cannot wait to do this with others – family – friends.” – C.G. St. Louis, MO


“My eyes have been opened to see where spiritual knowledge is lacking for God’s people.” – Rev. S.K. Tampa, FL


“I was blessed by breaking the strongholds that I allowed to build up in me. Bondage to various issues has kept me from being an effective light to those around me.” – M.W. O’Fallon, MO


“I was most blessed when both of you wove your life experiences through and into the teaching and training.” – S.P. Riverview, FL


“I think you guys do great. Very warming and helpful. God has really spoken to me and wanted me here today. Now I am on fire for Him even more! Everything you guys were talking about, I was struggling with, and really needed prayer. Now I can go home relieved with no worries. I feel so much better.” – K.M. Manchester, MO


“Awesome! Stay down to earth. Stay practical and simple. It is working! After attending for the first time seeking help, I am blessed to be able to bring others who can receive help.” – D.P. St. Louis, MO


“I feel this seminar was needed in my life and our ministry in order for the Lord to take us to the next level.” – R.H. Columbus, GA


“This seminar helped me to see things I never even knew were in my life that had held me in bondage.” – D.R. Valrico, FL


“This is the third time I have been to your seminars and I want you to know they get better and better.” – A.M. St. Louis, MO


“I was especially blessed and filled with inner joy as you, Bro. Vito, prayed over us in the “role” of a father. I have learned more about certain cults, [false] religions, etc., beyond what I heard in previous deliverance seminars or writings.” – J.R. Tampa, FL


“What a remarkable experience. I feel like today is a new day – a new me. My thoughts and desires were expressed through Vito and Pat without me even telling them my personal story. I’ve broken chains and feel free of strongholds that were blocking me from the Lord.” – E.M. Tampa, FL


“I was blessed and believe that today I am forever changed!! The teaching was powerful; the presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible and I was truly blessed that you yielded to what God wanted to do.” – S.R. St. Peters, MO


“I was personally freed from the brokenness I have been struggling to release in my heart.” – M.S. St. Louis, MO


“I feel blessed that I have broken ungodly soul ties.” – D. L. Land O Lakes, FL


“My mind was renewed by the word.” – P.W. Wesley Chapel, FL


“I liked the Q & A session and would like to see this seminar in a youth/parent format.” – J.M. Lutz, FL


“You all were here just for me – thank you for being obedient to the call of God. You met us just where we were…I went to my (distant) husband and forgave him for all he’s done to me and he did likewise.” – S.B. Detroit, MI


“What a loving and liberating session. Thank God I’m free indeed—finally! Several strongholds have been broken in my life, praise the Lord!” – N.M. Inkster, MI


“The seminar was so great and awesome, I would like to invite other churches to be blessed…I feel so free!” – D.H. Detroit, MI


“Your seminar discussed things that I never realized before that I will keep for the rest of my life. Thank you so much and God bless the both of you and the work that you do.” E.E. Detroit, MI


“This was an excellent presentation in terms that anyone could understand.” – S.H. Detroit, MI


“The forgiveness prayer helped me release the unforgiveness in my heart. I can truly walk in love now and not have any bitterness.” – P.C. St. Louis, MO


“Everything was awesome. Some things were exposed and dealt with, one I had never thought of before.” – K.H. Cahokia, IL


“Thank you for your obedience to God and your servants’ hearts. Praise God that you hear from the Holy Spirit and are obedient.” – S.R. St. Peters, MO


“Wonderful and awesome! There was so much knowledge given and I was blessed to be able to release so many ungodly things in my life.” – D.D. Valrico, FL


“After the final prayer when I stood up, I felt in my spirit a new freedom and power. I also immediately sensed a heightened focus. My mind is incredibly clear!” – J.M. Lakeland, FL


“Thank you for your ministry. I learned some things about strongholds I never heard before. I believe this happened at the perfect timing in my life.” – K.S. Tampa, FL


“Several items that I need to work on, especially pride, were brought to my attention.” – B.B. St. Louis, MO


“I have come to expect to learn something new at every seminar of Free Indeed Ministries. I am not disappointed. Thank you!” C.G. St. Louis, MO


“Stuff is finally off! My ears are healed! Thank you.” – D.S. Ballwin, MO


“Fantastic! God filled! Felt release from rejection, dealt with my unforgiveness for ex-husband.” – B.K. Seffner, FL


“Great seminar. I was blessed by everything, including the humor by Vito.” – Pastor P.M. Columbus, GA


“I, too, was dealing with a spirit of rejection. It dawned on me the week of your arrival. Listening to Pat speak on it was truly a blessing for me. It let me know that God can deliver me, too.” – C.W. Columbus, GA


“Enjoyed the Q & A discussion and the teaching in detail…and then you walk the people through the process. Good information!” – J.P. St. Louis, Mo


I was thoroughly blessed…I wished it could go on longer!” – J.M. – Tampa, FL


“Deeply grateful…desperately needed!” – G.P. – Wesley Chapel, FL


“I thank you both for imparting the wisdom and understanding of the spiritual realm.” – B.C. – St. Louis, MO


“Thank you so very much for the love you two share for the kingdom!” – D.T. – St. Louis, MO


“Awesome revelation on spiritual warfare!” – R.D. – Columbus, GA


“The Holy Spirit surfaced junk in my life. Vito and Pat spoke to each area of need that I had and replaced it with the word, correction, encouragement, and revelation. Awesome – Thank you!” – S.B. – Wesley Chapel, FL


“Good, solid teaching!” – V.M. – Brandon, FL


“I was very blessed. A lot of truth came forth today that I needed to hear again. You both are true blessings to the body of Christ. Thank you for your encouragement!” – E.O. – Brandon, FL


“This seminar is very educational!” – M.R. – Valrico, FL


“God is confirming so much to me through these seminars! It is great to hear the heart of God being revealed.” – S.W. – Brandon, FL


“So very blessed – thank you! You gave us very much love, care, and time!” – L.C. – Tampa, FL


“Thank you for your love and commitment to God’s people!” – J.D. – Tampa, FL


“My encounter with God today has made me want more of this freedom.” – F.H. – Brandon, FL


“Keep doing what the Holy Spirit is leading both of you to do, and that is to be a blessing to God’s people and set them free. I found freedom from fear of man today.” – J.S. – Tampa, FL