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Free Indeed Ministries has been given three basic mandates:

1) We are missionaries to the body of Christ to come alongside leaders & help support God’s purposes for the local church.
2) Healing the broken-hearted and setting the captives free through the power of the Holy Spirit
3) Discipling others so they can fulfill their God-given destinies

The fields are truly ripe for harvest and the time is short. We are able to fulfill this mandate because of people like you who are willing to help us. We always commit to using the funds received in a responsible and wise manner.

Many have found healing and freedom through this ministry, as well as godly wisdom and counsel. We rely solely on the generous support of those who partner with us for financial support to continue this ministry worldwide! We so appreciate your one-time gift or a monthly gift of any amount.

If you prefer not to donate online, please email us at and we will provide the correct address for mailing a check.  We are very grateful for your support!